My Beef with Gilmore Girls

This is not a post about books or bikes. It is just something I need to get off my chest.

First, let me state that Gilmore Girls (GG) is one of my favorite shows. I watched it in high school and college and Rory and I were the “same age”…so suffice it to say I felt connected to the show and considered (…and still consider) myself to be an unofficial citizen of the fictional Stars Hollow, CT. I collected all of the seasons of GG years before they showed up on Netflix, and now that they are on Netflix, I “watch” the show over and over. Basically, GG is the soundtrack to my life. (To be clear, I don’t literally watch the show constantly, but I will have it on as I clean, read, putz around the house, etc. It keeps me company.)

There. Now that that’s out of the way, I can dig into what’s really on my mind. I feel that after repeated viewings and of this show, I have earned the right to weigh in on (pun intended) the treatment of food in this series. Yes, yes I know that there have been many other  articles that focus on this. However, most articles focus on the following:

  1. Ways to have a Gilmore Girls themed party (with recipes)
  2. How REFRESHING it is that a show let women characters enjoy and embrace junk food
  3. That there is NO WAY women, or people in general, could eat this way in real life and remain thin/healthy

My gripe with food is a little different. What I’d like to discuss are all the FAKE BITES OF FOOD that happen at various snack and meal times throughout the duration of the show. Not all characters are guilty of this, but Rory was THE WORST. Just the worst. Rory orders a hamburger. The hamburger is delivered. Rory takes one itty bitty little bite of the burger…and then she has to leave and go be studious somewhere or go pretend to like Dean. She just took the worst fake bites of food ever. I was never convinced she enjoyed any of the food.

Take, for instance, the episode I had on earlier today (season 3, episode 4). Here are 2 instances of perfectly good food going to waste:

  1. Rory pours a giant bowl of Rice Krispies to “share” with her mom for breakfast. Lorelai then adds in a bunch of mini marshmallows. And, to Lorelai’s credit, she actually munches on a mini marshmallow she pulled out from the bag like a normal human being would. Then, they sit down for breakfast, Rory takes ONE minuscule bite of the cereal and then abandons her cereal to go shower and get ready. WHO DOES THAT?
  2. In this same episode, Lane runs into Luke’s Diner, where Lorelai and Rory are getting ready to eat their hamburgers. Lane takes Rory’s burger and takes a classic fake bite. The camera even managed to get a clear shot of the “aftermath” of this bite. And do you know what she actually got a bite of? THE BUN. That’s right. Lane stole Rory’s burger so she could eat a bite of the dang bread.

This kind of thing happens all. the. time throughout this show. Little baby bites of food. The very tiny corner of a candy bar. A pretend giant bite of a sandwich that literally doesn’t alter the shape of the sandwich.

Are we, as viewers, supposed to pretend that these allegedly food loving ladies are anything other than dieting, food-fearing actors afraid of gaining weight in an industry that praises them for being skinny?

And, here’s the thing that bugs me: If these actors never go within a mile of  Twizzlers and Pop Tarts in real life, that’s fiiiiiiine. But they should, at the very least, act as though they are enjoying the food they’re trying to convince the viewers they love.

End rant.

(I said this wasn’t going to be about books, but I’ll end on a bookish note. I checked out a book I somehow never managed to read as a kid a few of my coworkers were gushing about last week: Julie of the Wolves. Wowwy wow wow. It was such a good book. I’m a sucker for books about people adapting, learning, and working with the natural world and this book contained bucket loads of that. While the subject matter was less than uplifting (death, rape, effects of industrialized world on indigenous people, etc.), I was so rooting for Miyax to find her way.)

My Beef with Gilmore Girls

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