moments on a bike


  1. The first time I biked to work. I didn’t have a bike, so I borrowed my husband’s. I biked up what I perceived to be a big hill, felt like a badass, and then got lost when I couldn’t find access to the River Trail.
  2. The day I found the River Trail and decided Lansing might not be so bad. It was a Saturday or Sunday in May 3 years ago. I had to work a shift at a special event for work and had a bit of time to kill. Josh was…somewhere (refereeing soccer maybe?). I hopped on his bike and putzed around, sticking to the sidewalks and slowly, slowly venturing further. I don’t quite remember how I found the River Trail; I just remember arriving there and soaking up the sun of what felt like the first sunny day since the previous early fall. Lansing, I decided, was an okay place to live.
  3. Anytime I bike through the woods approaching Hawk Island.
  4. Anytime I see animals like deer, raccoon, rabbits, or unusual birds.
  5. Biking with my husband.
  6. Biking up north, along M-22 on our mini bike tour last September. I mean…that  weekend was pretty much perfect.
  7. Making it to the top of a hill.
  8. Biking down hills.
  9. The first time I biked 20 miles.
  10. The first time I biked 30 miles.
  11. That one time I biked 40 miles (and almost barfed).
  12. Biking around Mackinac Island on a tandem bike with Josh.
  13. Listening to good music (Van Morrison), a good podcast (2 Dope Queens), or a great book (Yes, Please by Amy Poehler) while biking.

Least Favorites:

  1. Bonking on any long ride. It’s super hard to recover from a bonk.
  2. Sometimes I assume hopping on a bike will improve my mood if I’m feeling angry, frustrated, or sad. Usually this is the case, but sometimes it is not. Those rides are hard and feel like a chore.
  3. The time I was harassed while biking in a bike lane by some joker in a van that was practically held together with duct tape.
  4. That time I biked 40 miles (and almost barfed).
  5. Biking on my light-as-a-feather road bike on a windy day. When the wind picks up and pushes you to the left or right, it’s truly frightening.
  6. I love the River Trail and the access it provides to folks on bikes, runners, walkers, dog walkers, roller bladers, and skate boarders. I am filled with rage; however, when any of the above exercise poor etiquette when it comes to sharing this path. Stay on your side! Be aware! Share the trail!
  7. Biking somewhere…and then having to deal with torrential rain when it’s time to bike home.
  8. We biked up lots of hills while on our mini bike tour, but there was one hill, in particular, that almost killed me dead. This hill just would not end. A person going on a casual walk could have probably passed me as they walked up that hill. I hated that hill.
  9. Potholes. Sweet holy mother. Nothing makes me grumpier on a ride than potholes that cause me to swerve on a road that is already lacking a bike lane. Practically as bad: potholes that have been “filled.” Those really stink, too.
  10. Biking anywhere that is not bike friendly or lacking in bike infrastructure. Biking on busy streets or in areas you only feel “safe” on a sidewalk is never fun and always stressful.

The End.

moments on a bike

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