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And then it was May! Things are full, busy, and good. May in Michigan is lovely. The month typically starts off in this weird limbo land of spring/not spring, full of weeks of sunny warm days and chilly dreary days, but ends triumphantly with green leaves on trees and flowers blooming a-plenty. The end of the month will also bring my first trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes, a true Michigan traveling must. Josh and I will spend Memorial Day weekend camping and hiking. I can’t wait.

April saw a visit from my folks early in the month, as Josh traveled to two conferences back-to-back. After they left, Michigan was graced with the most gorgeous sunny warm weekend. Josh was still traveling, but I knew I needed to spend as much of my time outdoors to soak it all in. Thus, my first solo biking/camping trip was born. Drunk on sunshine and possibility, I packed up the car with our small tent, basic camping gear, and bike and headed west to Holland State Park. It was…amazing. Granted, camping with Josh is more fun, but it was incredibly empowering to go camping by myself and to bike as much as I did. By the end of the weekend, I’d biked close to 50 miles. I chased the sunset on my bike and watched it set as I gazed out over Lake Michigan. I biked from Holland to Saugatuck, drank delicious iced coffee, visited a few stores, and then biked back to Holland to refuel with a burger and beer. A purely magical weekend in Pure Michigan.

Car is loaded and I’m ready to ride!
Gorgeous Lake Michigan sunset.
Good morning! Slept in a tent by myself…with a hammer next to me to ward of “intruders.”

I also, just the last week, was able to make a quick trip to Milwaukee, WI to meet up with my very best friend from college. She was in town for a conference, so I got to meet up with her, explore a new city, and even managed to set a meeting with the head of Donor Relations at Discovery World Science & Technology Center. It was so fun! Milwaukee is a very laid back city — I was often surprised at how empty downtown seemed, which typically means a city doesn’t have much to offer. I didn’t find that to be the case, though! Milwaukee is right on Lake Michigan, boasts several amazing museums, and offers a wide variety of dining and shopping. I loved it! I also loved the opportunity to spend some quality time with my main gal-pal squeeze.

Taking a silly pic (or 20) and dining on brats and beer at Brat House.

I’ll keep the book news of the month brief. In April I read 2 books: Jane Steele by Lindsay Faye and Shelter by Jung Yun. I enjoyed both books, for very different reasons. Jane Steele is a fun work of historical fiction, loosely based on Jane Eyre and follows Steele from her humble beginnings as an orphan to navigating the rough streets of London on her own to her attempt to make a claim on her childhood home…and making some deadly encounters along the way. Shelter wasn’t as “light” of a read. Kyung and his wife Gillian are struggling financially. As they begin to take desperate steps to climb out of their financial hole, their lives take an unexpected turn as they deal with a tragic event that happens to Kyung’s parents, whom he has always tried to keep a safe distance from. This event forces Kyung to revisit issues from his youth, face the icy relationship with his parents, and deal with issues in his marriage.

Other notable and important news of the month: Josh and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary…but he was traveling on the actual day of our anniversary. That meant we didn’t get to do any thing “special,” but Josh and I do a lot to celebrate our relationship. Our anniversary marks a truly happy and wonderful day in our lives and we’ll continue to celebrate it moving forward! (However…the one hour massage certificate Josh gave me, and which I have scheduled for tomorrow, has me so excited. I don’t get a massage often at all, so this will be such a treat!)

Onward into May and spring and other lovely things!


Moving right along

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