Hey! A post about books.

READING. Remember that? I do. I’m still doing it. I’m not sure what book I last posted about… so I’ll just dive into the present:

Josh and I spent a long weekend in Florida visiting his folks. I flew Spirit, because I’m the kind of girl that loves an adventure, and packed one little TEENY TINY duffel bag in order to comply with their one small tote for free policy. No room for books. Thankfully, and luckily, I was able to raid my mother-in-law’s bookshelves. She had some good ones! In between napping and eating and sunning and swimming, I read a sweet and funny collection of essays by Nora Ephron called I Remember Nothing. I knew Ephron had written books, and I’d always been kind of interested in reading at least one of them. It was the perfect book to read while on a mini-vacation. The book is filled with personal anecdotes, stories, and her musings on life. She entered journalism in a time when it was still very much a “man’s world,” so it was super interesting reading what that environment and culture was like. I also got a GOOD chuckle at her essay called My Aruba. She had an ornery, cowlick-y spot of hair she dubbed her own personal Aruba, as it reminds her of the trees that have been blow sideways from the strong winds on the island of Aruba. I don’t personally have an Aruba of my own, but my mom does, and she refers to it as “her beach hair” and her “dippity do.” I’m laughing even just thinking about it. Ephron notes that no matter how many times she fixes her Aruba… it always comes back. In conclusion, this was not a profound collection of stories and essays, but it was an interesting, fun, sweet read.

And now, let me move on and talk about my library book problem. I put so many books on hold that sometimes a whole bunch become available at once. Does this ever happen to you? First I’m excited. A bouquet of books! Then I’m overwhelmed by my choices. Then I procrastinate. Then I only manage to get through one of them…maybe two. It’s a problem I’m working on. Anyway, right now I have about 5 or 6 books checked out and the one that “stuck” is Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides. How have I never read any of this classic southern writer’s books? I may not be from South Carolina, but I’ve spent plenty of time there, since I grew up in North Carolina… and the marshy, swampy, beachy land where his stories take place feel like home to me. I can even smell the wetlands as I read about them. (Isn’t that a wonderful thing about books? You can open them and feel at home.) Now, I’m finding some of his language to be a bit…flowery. But I give him a pass because the guy is southern! Flowery descriptive writing just feels right in this book. I’m only a little over 100 pages into it, but I’m already loving that this book is giving me southern grit lit feels. It’s dramatic. It’s over the top. It’s based on his own life growing up. Love it.

So that’s where I am in Book Land these days. I’ll be honest, I do wish I’d read a few more books thus far into the year. I think Ephron’s book was my 9th. Honest moment: I follow a handful of book bloggers and really enjoy reading their musings on books. I get so many good recommendations from them! But, often, at the end of the month they’ll recap how many books they read and give a brief over view of their reads. Where I read anywhere from 2-4 books in a month (4 is a REALLY good month), they’ll read 6 or 7…and then say it was a light reading month for them because they were stressed or had a lot going on. I tend to rush through those posts because they leave me feeling like this:


BUT! I try to just brush it off. I love reading. I love spending the time reading the books I’m able to read. That’s all that matters.

I’ll report back…hopefully sooner rather than later on the rest of my Conroy book and bike rides (which are going great, by the way!).

Hey! A post about books.

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