The week: previous and upcoming

It’s been one week(ish) since I fell back in love with the idea of biking to all the places. Of the four workdays I worked in the office, I did bike two of them. One day I had a conference to go to that started at 8 a.m. and after looking at the bike routes to the conference location(and the 60 mph winds that were anticipated), I knew biking wouldn’t be the best idea. I also didn’t bike on Friday because I knew I needed to leave work early to attend a previously scheduled appointment. All in all, I’m happy with the two days I was able to bike to work. I rode my Bianchi Torino Dama both days, which I’ve decided is the bike I like commuting to work on the most. My road bike, a Giant Avail, is the best bike for longer adventures as it’s more efficient. On my two mile ride to work, my Bianchi, with its upright geometry, make for a more comfortable ride in to work for the day. (Speaking of my road bike, I’ve finally come around to the idea of selling it and investing in my for-eva-eva bike…once I figure out what that is. I love my road bike. I do! But I’m not a racer and I’m not interested in biking to Win or Go Fast. I’m thinking an investment in a steel frame beauty is the direction I’m headed…)

Biking to work is the perfect way to center yourself before settling in for the workday. I listen to my tunes of choice and marvel at the way the sun hits the buildings downtown as I get closer to work. One day, after eating a quick lunch, I even decided to go on a quick bike jaunt to round out my midday break. Thankfully, my work is situated right on the River Trail, so it’s easy to hop on my bike for a 10 minute ride. Also, with moving the clocks forward an hour, there’s more daylight in the evening, which opens up the possibility to take a more meandering way home as time and energy permits.

This upcoming week will be fun… it starts out pretty normally, and then on Wednesday I am driving to Detroit to hop on a plane to take me to visit my in-laws in….SUNNY, WARM FLORIDA. When I think of sunshine and warm weather and wearing sandals and seeing flowers, my heart legit skips a few beats. It’s going to be such a nice getaway, and it will be so nice to spend several days with family. I won’t be going into the office tomorrow, as I work from home on Mondays, but I should be able to bike in on Tuesday. Wednesday I’ll be heading to the airport straight from work, so I’ll be driving the ol’ car.

In conclusion, I heart bike. I heart spring (HAPPY SPRING!). I heart sunshine. I heart biking in the spring sunshine.

The week: previous and upcoming

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