Got my sights set on biking

The weather, as we know, is a fickle friend. However, this spring-like weather we’ve been graced with has put BIKING back on my mind. Biking goes into this sort of long term “parking” garage in my mind during the winter because winter is typically not conducive to biking in Michigan. Combine that with my road bike and skinny, very much NOT all weather tires and… yeah… my bike is typically literally and figuratively parked for the winter.

But, as I said, things are thawing and I find myself daydreaming about biking on the regular again. I also find myself going down the internet rabbit hole of looking up various bike related things. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Bike tattoos
  • Women cyclists
  • Women who bike tour
  • Cycling advocacy
  • New bike-y instagram accounts

And, thankfully, tonight I stumbled upon Bikeyface. She’s a lady who bikes on the reg to and from anywhere she needs/wants to go around her hometown of Boston. She has insightful and humorous thoughts on biking as a (badass) woman as she tries to share the road with often distracted or disgruntled drivers, all the while advocating for better bike infrastructure. She could blog about this, sure, but she instead illustrates a comic to share her experiences, thoughts, and ideas. She’s brilliant and I love her.

I’m going through all her old comics and am laughing and nodding my head at nearly every one. My bike love has been reignited and now I’m questioning why I’m not biking to work every damn day?! There will always be excuses. There will always be difficult roads and bad morning traffic and the potential to get caught in bad weather and and and… It’s two miles. AT MOST.

Also, I really enjoy walking to work. There should be more of that.

Time to refocus and not take the “easy” way so often.



Got my sights set on biking

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