All over the place.

Scattered. Not quite all together.

That’s how I feel about my first week back at home after vacation. This is partly due to the fact that my body is readjusting to east coast time, but I also think it’s just going to take a hot second to sink into this year, with so many changes going on. Transitioning from one job role into another brand new one is exciting…and challenging.

My pajama situation this morning pretty much sums up my mental and emotional state.


That said, it’s going to be a good winter day of snow tubing with friends and a delicious pork roast lunch. Also, I had an idea to add incorporate into my year of reading:

I’d like to read one book each month written by a woman.

Actually, that doesn’t quite capture the essence of the goal since I think most of the books I read are penned by wonderful women writers. What I want to do is read some female authors I should have read by now, but have not.

Joan Didion. Toni Morrison. Margaret Attwood. Sandra Cisneros.

I’ve either never read anything by these ladies, or I have only read bits and pieces of their work. I’d like for that to change in 2016.

Of course, to do this, I’ll need to start reading. Mama’s gotta get her groove back.

All over the place.

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