The days are flying by

The holidays were good, though they passed fast as lightning. I blinked and they were over. We filled our time with family, food, friends, and relaxation.

Christmas at the State Capitol Building

Here at Casa de Rosenberg, we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. My husband and I get to lovingly subject each other to our traditions every year, which is really very nice. I’ve grown to love the glow of the Menorah, the ritual of lighting the candles each evening, and the call to celebrate light over darkness. With so much darkness in the world these days, this feels especially poignant and important (though here is a lovely article about finding the good during dark times). We made a point to dim all the lights each evening, read from the prayer book, light the candles, and let them burn all the way down. Oh, and we also ate latkes (which are delicious and should be made and consumed more often!).

Josh has equally embraced the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, the search for thoughtful gifts, and has quietly endured my holiday music. Christmas is a sentimental time for me — many of the ornaments in our possession are “older” ornaments my mom let me have several years ago. They are ornaments that have decorated most of the Christmas trees I’ve had through the years, and they mean so much to me. Topping our tree is an old plastic star that was my Grandma Ruby’s, who I never got to meet. It’s a bit faded, but it’s my absolute favorite.

Now the holidays are over. I’m currently sitting across from our tree thinking Tonight, you will be stripped naked of your ornaments and taken out of the house. I love the tree while it’s here, but as soon as the holidays are over, I crave the normalcy of the house and long for things to be put back as they belong.

We are also in the midst of packing and preparing for our grandest adventure yet: a trip to Europe! This will be my first official trip out of the country (Michigan folks tell me that going to Canada doesn’t count…). I’m excited, thrilled, anxious, and nervous! I’m worried about forgetting passports and the train tickets we pre-purchased. I’m worried about all the packing we need to do. I’m hell bent on cleaning all the things before we leave so we’ll come home 10 days later to a not crazy house. I’m anxious about flying in a plane for 7+ hours (just because I’ll happily board a plane to get me from point A to point B, doesn’t mean I like it!). You’ll never convince me there’s anything easy, fun, or natural about flying in a little tube through the air. To keep myself feeling slightly sane when I fly, I play a little game I like to call Everything Is Normal, Everything Is Fine. This is where I commit myself to looking absolutely bored with the entire traveling process, and try to convince everyone around me (and convince myself) that there is nothing about the flight that will upset or surprise me. I am cool, calm, and collected.

BUT! When we land we’ll be in France…and then we’ll go to Switzerland…and then we’ll go to Germany! I can’t wait to eat amazing food and see new cultures. I’m so excited to stroll along roads in cities that are so much older than the cities in the United States. I plan on drinking it all in.

So the next time I blog I’ll be World Traveler Katie.

Bon Voyage!


The days are flying by

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