Recipe for a good Sunday

Yesterday was so, so good. Putting it all in words so I will remember it.

A good Sunday actually starts with some pivotal building blocks on Saturday:

  1. Snow. Preferably the first snow of the season. Preferably snow that starts early in the morning, when it is still dark and silent out and continues, nonstop, all throughout the day.IMG_20151121_112337
  2. A huge football win for MSU against OSU, watched at the newly opened local brewery, Lansing Brewing Company . Bonus points if you watch the game with your husband and good friends.IMG_20151121_181628
  3. Now that we have ensured the crucial foundation has been set, we can proceed to Sunday itself. Start with a collection of amazing books from your local library at the delicious coffee shop in your neighborhood, Strange Matter. Consume bodacious coffee. Read thought provoking words. Hang with your husband while he does work.IMG_20151122_110956
  4. After you’re caffeinated and inspired from your books, go to the woods. Walk around. Be amazed. Chat about nothing and everything with your husband. Spot raccoon, deer, and wild turkey tracks. See a deer staring at you and your husband across a small foot bridge. Watch the deer tilt her head to one side, like a curious dog. Then, be surprised when 4 more deer bound into the picture, and, all together, the group silently disappears into the woods beyond. Breathe in the crisp air. Run joyfully, awkwardly through the snow.IMG_20151122_125148IMG_20151122_130244IMG_20151122_130558
  5. Before lunch, go ahead and get the dang groceries. Just do it. Get that chore out of the way (not pictured).
  6. Go to your favorite restaurant, Hong Kong. Greet the servers, who see you on a weekly (…sometimes bi-weekly) basis, laugh with them when they tease you about biking and ask if you biked there today(“No…too cold! Too snowy!). Order the spicy chicken noodles. Decide to always order the spicy chicken noodles, no matter what. Decide to try the fried cabbage (delicious). Also, do not argue with your server when placing the ma po tofu order: “You get with meat? You like meat…? You get with meat.” (She’s right, after all). Get spicy sauce from the tofu and noodles all over your lips. Let your lips burn. “You like spice?” YES you tell your server each time she asks. Yes. Extra spicy.
  7. Go home with a full belly and happy heart (not pictured).
Recipe for a good Sunday

2 thoughts on “Recipe for a good Sunday

  1. It all sounds so very lovely! I flew home on Saturday, the snow made for a very slow drive for me and my Dad from the Detroit airport, but it was worth it for how beautiful everything was! It was the perfect welcome back to Michigan. And I’m SO very thrilled about the MSU win!!!

    I’ll have to try Lansing Brewing Company next time I’m there, it sounds great!

  2. The first snow in MI is always magical, isn’t it?! Glad you were able to enjoy some of it! And… how ’bout them Spartans?! It was such a fun game to watch. Hope you are able to watch the MSU/Penn State game tomorrow! Go green!

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