Things have been a bit quiet around here — weeks have been busy, like usual, and weekends have finally (and thankfully) slowed down a bit for me. It feels like it’s time to settle in for the colder midwest months to come. Josh is still busy with soccer refereeing, but we are planning a few fun things for the rest of the weekend like going to see The Martian and maybe going to a brewery.

Speaking of breweries, The Lansing/East Lansing area is growing in that area! For a state with such a strong craft beer presence, the capital city has been sadly behind. Up until now, there has been Eaglemonk Pub and Brewing. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but it’s a real gem. The building they are in, from the outside, is unassuming. Inside, though, is cozy… like a hobbit hole. They make great beer and, though I’ve never ordered off their menu, I hear their paninis and pizzas are good, too. There is a main room filled with tables and rotating artist’s artwork on the walls. From the ceiling hangs their mugs for folks who buy into their mug club. Down a short hallway is a game room with darts, foosball, and shuffleboard. We don’t go out that way super often, so we aren’t regulars… but that makes the time we head over there all the more fun because it always feels new and fresh.
Another brewery has recently opened in East Lansing, which Josh and I are excited to try. Ellison Brewery & Spirits. Right now it looks like they are offering beer, wine, ciders, with spirits and mead to come!
There is yet ANOTHER brewery opening in Lansing, just a mile or so from where we live that I am really excited about: Lansing Brewing Company. They have renovated a building and every time I drive or bike by it, it’s all I can do to not press my face up to the glass to gawk at the gorgeously renovated interior. What I like about this “new” brewery is that it’s not new at all! Rather, Lansing Brewing Company is being reborn. I’m a little fuzzy on the details of the story, but Lansing Brewing existed in Lansing 100+ years ago and produced beer for distribution. The business is being revamped to include a brewery, food, and — yes — beer distribution. No other brewing company has distributed beer from Lansing since Lansing Brewing closed it’s doors so many years ago… so this is exciting! I’ve read that at least one of their original recipes is one of Lansing Brewing’s originals, and I’m so excited to sip a historical beer — it will be like going back in time via a beer time machine!
So… there’s the local beer update. Also worth mentioning is Old Nation Brewery in Williamston, Bad Brewing Company in Mason, and a a small scale operation in Lansing: Sleepwalker Spirits and Ales. We’re no Grand Rapids (Founders, Brewery Vivant, etc.), but I love the direction we’re going. It’s an exciting time for beer in the Capital City!

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