A new member of the family and other fall things

When Josh and I were on our mini bike tour, we stopped in a bike shop in Suttons Bay and I had my first encounter with a Bianchi Torino. It is a 24 speed bike geared more toward commuting or around-town riding, and has a drop bar so it would be a bit easier to wear a skirt with it. It is sturdy, comfortable, and just dang cute. While I love my road bike, I’d been wanting a more comfortable bike to ride around town–both for work and pleasure.

So, on my birthday I opened a homemade certificate entitling me to one Bianchi Torino (when I could find one at a local bike shop) from Josh and his family. It appeared there were none in town, but I found one left in my size at a bike shop on the south side of town. This one was a beautiful blue color. I went through the motions of test riding it and then promptly snatched it up! [As an aside, this was my first visit at this particular bike shop — Eric’s Cycle and Fitness (no website!). The gentleman that helped me was helpful without hovering around me too much, and the shop itself had a really nice selection of bikes. It’s a bit out of the way for us, but I will definitely be going back there for future bike needs.]

Talk about a fun ride! The geometry of the bike is such that you perch nice and tall on top of the seat–no hunchback riding like I am used to with my drop handle bars. No hunchback riding means no lower back pain after riding for a long time. I really enjoy everything about this bike. So far I’ve been able to go on several 10-ish mile rides since I got it on Saturday, and each time I’ve ridden with a goofy grin of glee on my face.


Cutest bike ever, no? Also, the t-shirt I’m wearing is one I snagged on a recent trip back to NC from Camel City Dry Goods. I love this shirt because the design is great and it’s amazingly soft.

Now that I’ve done a bit of biking around town, I can say with authority that, despite the warm temperatures we’ve been having, fall is coming. Here is evidence:


Aren’t those the prettiest colors? This was taken from a wooded area along the River Trail that leads up to Hawk Island Park. I call it Fern Gully because it is lush and beautiful, and it’s one of my favorite places in the city.

More evidence that fall is coming: Josh and I have gone apple picking! We went for the first time last year to a place out in Charlotte called The Country Mill and had such a great time we decided to go again this year. Last year we made a rookie mistake and picked 2 very full bushels of apples. This came out to, roughly, 120 apples. Now, Josh and I love apples, but that was even too much for us. This year year we reigned it in and just picked one bushel. We also picked up some cider, because that’s just what you do!


So that’s what’s going on around here! On the reading front, I have to be honest… I’ve been in mourning since finishing A Tale for the Time Being, a book I loved so much. As a result, it is taking me a while to dive into something new. I have poked my way through Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things that Happened. I knew I would enjoy the book, as I’ve been a fan of her blog for several years. Hopefully taking a break from fiction will allow me to step back into it and move on to the next book!

A new member of the family and other fall things

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