Read: Days of Awe

Honest moment: Half the reason I wanted to read Days of Awe by Lauren Fox is because of the font and cover art. It’s kind of pretty in a melancholic way, right?!

This was a very quick read that bordered on, dare I say it (?), fluff. Some of the dialogue and writing reminded me of something I’d hear in an episode of Gilmore Girls (which I happen to be watching right now). That is to say the writing is smart, witty, funny, and not altogether believable or real. I should have written down a few examples, but there were several exchanges between characters where the dialogue just didn’t feel very true-to-life, similar to the fast-talking-banter-speak that fills a Gilmore Girls episode.

The book centers on Isabel, a newly separated wife and mother to an increasingly angsty preteen. Isabel has recently lost her best friend of 15 or so years, Josie. The reader sees her life kind of hanging by threads as she tries to stay among the living and go on with her life, though everything she thought she knew and could count on has changed completely.

I found Isabel to be likable and sympathetic, and I can honestly say I was rooting for her. Ultimately, quirky writing that was a little too fun and the way everything wrapped up a little too neatly at the end kept me from really loving this book.

I did enjoy it, though, and would recommend it to someone who likes books about relationships, life in transition, self-analyzation, friendship, and motherhood.

Read: Days of Awe

4 thoughts on “Read: Days of Awe

  1. Glad to find your blog! I just started biking this summer – I trained for my first Sprint Triathlon – love the reading/biking combo! And – I really enjoyed Days of Awe…liked her snarky humor. Did You Ever Have A Family is up next for me.

  2. Hmm, thanks for bringing this to my attention — seems there area few kinks I need to work out! Not on FB and not super active on twitter (krosenberg3), either, but maybe should change that!

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