Crazy, hazy days of summer

The blog is quiet — a sure sign that life is busy and full. A lot has happened the last few weeks: we completed our bike tour, I turned 31, I’ve read some books, and my folks are currently visiting us!
I began drafting two very long blog posts, full of our adventures from our bike trip, as well as a thoughtful post about turning 31. But time marches on and I don’t want to be long-winded, so here is one, single long post about All The Things:
Bike Tour! (Leelanau State Park –> Northport –> Suttons Bay –> Leland –> Leelanau State Park … 64 miles total!)
In short, our bike trip was incredible. The weather was a bit hot, but overall perfect (in other words, it didn’t rain). We had a handful of wrong turns, thanks to faulty navigating by yours truly, but we always righted ourselves fairly quickly. The only real mishap of the trip occurred when I realized I had a flat tire! My rear tube was somehow punctured. The funny thing is Josh had just put on these new flat-resistant tires on my bike that were supposed to be heartier than the average road bike tire. We were super prepared and brought extra tubes with us, though… and left them in our car. Thankfully, Josh had a patch kit and a small, portable pump. We were back on the road in no time!
Highlights from the trip:
– Um, doing it? It was super rewarding to have this daydream…plan it out…and accomplish it. Josh lugged our camping gear in a cargo trailer attached to his bike. I brought all our clothes, food, small camp stove, pot, and eating utensils, and other small odds-and-ends.
– We saw some truly beautiful, amazing scenery. We passed by everything from orchards to vineyards to farms to lakes to small (adorable) towns like Northport, Suttons Bay, and Leland.
– Two nights of camping. Is there anything more fun than sleeping in a tent?
– We visited Hop Lot in Suttons Bay, an incredibly fun brewery that opened this year. Great outdoor space, delicious food, great beer, fun yard games, and an overall laid back atmosphere.
– Biking up the dang hills! I biked up all the hills we encountered and never once had to stop. I’m not going to lie, I was really proud of myself.
In conclusion: AMAZING!
(And now, here’s a photo dump):
Thanks to a few detours and wrong turns, our 50 mile ride turned into a 64 mile ride of awesome.
Up, up, up to our campsite.
About 10 miles from the end of our journey.
El fin! (Shortly after this picture was taken, in the hullabaloo of packing the car up and nearly delirious with hunger, we locked our keys in the trunk. Geico roadside assistance saved the day!)
The last bit of the sunset over Lake Michigan.
Turning 31!
Yep, did that. Birthdays are funny. In my mind there’s this big build-up to it and then it ends up just being another day, albeit nicer and sweeter than the average day. I’ve decided that moving forward I should try and take my birthday off. That would certainly add a bit more pizzazz! It was a wonderful day, though, filled with sweet gestures from my husband, friends, and family. It ended with meeting up with friends at The Cosmos/Zoobies for pizza and drinks, which was so fun.
In conclusion: life is good and so are my 30s.
Awkward 31-year-old selfie taken on the sly at my desk at work.
Thus far in September, I’ve read Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg (review to come), as well as Days of Awe (yep, review to come). I liked Did You Ever Have a Family more than Days of Awe, but enjoyed both. Right now I’m reading A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (a birthday gift from my friend, Kristy) and, though only about 70 pages in, think I’m going to really love it.
Folks Visiting!
They arrived late on my birthday and we’ve been hanging out and having a ball ever since. We’ve had some fun meals out together and gone on several adventures, such as a trip to Ann Arbor for overpriced, yet delicious, Zingerman’s Deli sandwiches, and Mom and Dad’s first ever visit to an Ikea.
So. There’s that! The past few weeks have been busy and exciting and now I’m ready to hibernate. Josh and I are excited for things to slow down a bit and we’re ready to break out the slow cooker and make our inaugural first batch of chili. Also: it’s apple picking season, folks, and apple enthusiasts like the Rosenbergs like to go all out.
Happy Fall, Y’all!
Crazy, hazy days of summer

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