Planning our first bike tour

We are nearly a week out from our GRAND BIKE TOUR! The reality of the grand bike tour is that, for a few reasons, we have condensed and shortened the trip a bit. Instead of an extra long weekend over Labor Day weekend, we are doing a Friday – Sunday trip starting at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, biking 20 miles down to the Suttons Bay area, and then back up. In terms of gear, here, we needed to decide whether we wanted to go with panniers like these:

or a cargo trailer like this:

After debating a bit, reading reviews, and seeking wise counsel from friends who know more about this kind of thing than we do (thanks, Luke!), we have opted for a combination of both. Panniers on my bike to cart things like food, water, clothes, etc. Cargo trailer on J’s bike for all the camping gear. J stumbled across the BOB cargo trailer pictured above for a great price on Craig’s List and we just couldn’t say no.

We may finish this trip and hate the pannier/cargo trailer set-up, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Also, it bears mentioning that I’ll be riding my road bike, which is not ideal. It’s a lightweight bike with thin tires that’s not built for carrying a heavy load of stuff. One benefit of shortening our trip is that this will allow us to just try out touring. Maybe if we like it, I may want to look into a different style of bike–one that is a bit more sturdy, comfortable, and his different types of wheels.

So, we will see how this bike trip ends! We are excited to try our first miniminimini tour and to go to areas of MI neither of us have been to before!

Planning our first bike tour

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