Weekend Wrap-Up

Bless the 3 day weekend. It was a much needed time of rest, family time, and time spent outdoors.

Before Josh and I moved to Michigan and before we were engaged, I visited MI. I’d met his parents a few times, but we made a week-long trek to MI to spend the week with them. This visit, back in 2011, fell over the July 4th holiday. We’ve spent the following 4 Independence Day holidays with his folks in West Bloomfield (just outside of Detroit).

Just before we left last week, I received an email that Americanah was finally ready and waiting for me at the library. Talk about perfect timing! I was able to start Friday morning (when I, very unfortunately woke up at 7 a.m.) off by diving into the book and was immediately sucked in. I’m about halfway through and am really, truly loving this book. Will share more thoughts once I’m finished!

More July 4th weekend festivities:

Multiple bike rides (a few small ones around the neighborhood, and one bigger one.

A trip to Detroit to check out Belle Isle Park, where I snapped this fun shot in the conservatory.

Then, of course, the Tigers game. The Tigers won, but only barely. It was an exciting, tense game!

Time to tackle another week! Looking forward to finishing Americanah, getting a few bike rides in, and Thursday date night with my husband. Hope you have some fun things to look forward to this week, too!

But first…a video of a parched 19-year-old cat:

Weekend Wrap-Up

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