On goals (setting them AND keeping them)

Are you good at making goals for yourself and keeping them? Maybe it’s a New Year’s resolution (or two or five), or maybe it’s deciding that you want to amp up your one mile run and train to run a 5K. I think it’s healthy to identify things in life or areas you’d like to work on, improve, and grow.

I don’t struggle with identifying things I’d like to do and accomplish. These range from keeping the house cleaner/more organized to fitness ideals to starting and consistently maintaining a blog to reading goals, etc. I could go on and on! One thing I have struggled with, however, is holding on to those goals and seeing them through to completion. It becomes easy to get distracted, let habits slip for a day (which turns into a week which turns into a month), or let a setback derail everything I have been working toward. And sometimes I become so entrenched in self-doubt and stumped as to where to start with a new venture that I won’t do anything at all! I won’t even try. So, aside from making a goal to work on not being afraid and intimidated to attempt a goal… where do I start?

Books and bikes, naturally, as they are two of my favorite things.

Since around 2009 I’ve always set a New Year’s resolution to read 50 books in a year. At the end of 2009 I’d put a significant dent in the goal, and managed to read 31 books. Every year since then has paled in comparison. At the start of 2015, I tweaked the goal to make it more attainable: Read 2 books a month. That is completely doable for me, and thus far I have been able to basically keep up with this. To help stay on track, I keep a list of my progress on books read and have also being more diligent to keep track of books I want to read. I’ve found some great book recommendations thanks to tapping in to the book blog community (an old favorite is Books on the Table and a new favorite is Books, the Universe, and Everything).

Biking is a hobby that has never really had strings attached to it. It’s purely for fun and enjoyment. My husband and I started daydreaming about doing a long weekend bike tour up around the Traverse City area. We want to pack our camping gear on our bikes and see if this type of trip is one we enjoy.

Disclaimer: This is not us! Click for source

The amount of miles we want to pull out in a day is never more than 30. This type of mileage is, thankfully, completely attainable for me right now. One thing I do need to work on though, is endurance on the roads. I love biking around town using the Lansing River Trail. It’s dreamy, easy breezy, and wonderfully flat. It’s time to start logging more miles on new roads so I can practice encountering new terrain and hills. We will both also need to practice biking with our bikes loaded down with gear! We will have a small two person tent, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, fresh clothes, snacks/food, etc.

Setting goals by incorporating things I already love doing will hopefully give me the extra oomph to focus in on other areas of my life I’d like to work on (that aren’t so enjoyable). Namely: less clutter and keeping the house more organized.

On goals (setting them AND keeping them)

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